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Name: 22'' Diamond Finish Kamado Black BBQ Grill
Item No.: AU-22
Model: AU-22
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Detailed Note  

The name kamado is the Japanese word for "stove" or "cooking range"It means a "place for the cauldron". 


Details of Kamado Grill

The kamado grill is a round clay pot with a removable domed clay lid


Kamado grill is made from a variety of materials including high fire ceramics, refractory materials, and stainless steel. Outer surface is a high gloss ceramic glaze. In addition to the outer ceramic shell, a ceramic fire box inside the unit holds charcoal.


One or more grids are suspended over the fire to provide the cooking surface(s) for food. A draft opening in the lower side of the unit provides air to the fuel, as well as a controllable vent in the top of the dome lid for air to exit the cooker. Temperature is controlled by adjusting these two vents. 

Adjustable Topvent  Bamboo Handle Draft
controls the air flow in and out the kamado body. helps you to open the domed clay lid without heating your hand. aims to clean the charcoal ash and helps the air flow.
Bamboo Shelf   Inner Structure
The shelf aims to make you place the food and others. You also can cut you food on it. Those hooks can help you arrange your other items.   There are fire box, charcoal grate, fire ring, cooking grid from bottom to top.

Usage of Kamado Grill


1. Open all vents

2. Place recommended number of lump charcoal into the fire box and light starter. Allow 10-15 minutes for charcoal to light.

3. Put cooking grid on the top of the fire ring. Close lid and adjust top vent and draft to allow grill to reach the desired cooking temperature.

4. About 10-20 minutes later, put food on the cooking grid, take care of the inside temperature of the grill, and make some adjustment according to the thermometer. 

5. Few minutes later, the food will be well cooked.

Producing and Tests

Productive Process


The kamado grill need three processes of insperation to test the quality before it is delivered to you.
1. After assembling the kamado body, our quality controller will inspect all, and eliminate ones that have small crack(s);
2. After burning continuously for several hours, the ceramic parts will be poured cold water. If they have cracks, they are unqualified products;
3. Before package, the whole kamado parts will be installed to check if there is any assembly problem. That will avoid those problems when you received.


Product Advantages

 Product Advantages


1. Made from heatproof clay, the kamado grill holds the characteristics of heat insolation and heat preservation 

The former makes lower surface temperature of kamado grill than metal cookers, and the latter causes fuel-saving.


 2. The kamado grill's shape is like an egg in which heat circles around and around, so that your food is cooked quickly.

The moisture will be locked inside because of the air-tight cooking chamber, so that food will be succulent and healthy.


    3. The temperature can be controlled precisely from 50℉ to 800℉ by top vent, bottom vent and thermometer, so it's versatility

Varies cooking methods can be done under different temperatures and accessoriessuch as, grilling, baking, roasting, smoking, and so on.

Packaging & Shipping

Package and Delivery


A. The kamado grill will be packed in two cartons, ie. grill carton and accessories carton.


B. For container order, the two cartons will be put in a pallet carton and be delivered by sea.

     For sample or LCL order, they will be put in wooden case and be sent by Express or by sea.

4.pngTest of Packing Quality

Our kamado grill package is strong enough to arrive at your place safely. When you get the kamado you can enjoy the food that it cooks. 



It's safe when packaged kamado grill weighing 0-21 pounds drops from 38 inches height. 

It's safe when packaged kamado grill weighing 21-41 pounds drops from 32 inches height. 

It's safe when packaged kamado grill weighing 41-50 pounds drops from 26 inches height. 

Company Information

Why Choose Auplex?

1. Auplex is the No.1 kamado grill manufacturer in China. 


With increasingly sophisticated technology, it is the only one who can independently manufacture metal parts and ceramics in the world.

There are 30 000 m2 area for making kamado grills, more than 500 employees, and the longest automatic kiln in the world.


Every year, 30 000 units of kamado grill were produced.

What's more, Auplex has certificates like BSCI, LFGB, SGS and FDA.


Therefore, the products quality and supplying capability must satisfy you.


2. There is a strong R&D team, several professional sales teams, a leading management team, and sincere service teams.

We provide 24 - hour customer service, and customized-made products.


With 15-year export experienceAuplex can give you the delightful lead time and custom clearance experience.


Our kamado grills are well sold to America, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia etc. more than 40 countries.

Moreover, Auplex has cooperated with top 500 international supermarkets, and received great favor from customers.

Auplex will bring power and confidence to us and you. 


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Q1. Can I have a sample order for kamado grill?

A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.


Q2. How long do you need for delivery time?

A: It depends on the way of transportation you expected. Usually, 7~14 days by express, 5~15 days by air, 20~30 days by sea.


Q3. How often do you clean the kamado grill?

A: The ash should be removed regularly to keep the fire box flowing air properly. Other than removing ash, wiping the outside and brushing the cooking grid, regular cleaning is not necessary. DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICAL CLEANERS IN THE CERAMIC GRILL. Or the ceramic grill will absorb the smell.


Q4. Why there are tiny cracks in the glaze on my kamado grill?

A:This is normal. It happens to all kamados in the market, and people call it "crazing". The "crazing" does not harm to the kamado. It caused by the different expansion rate between "glaze" and "clay". Once kamado come out of the kiln, it looks obvious when covered with dust.

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